Who Are We ?

Q. What's with the name ?

A. Collective nouns - it's a 'pack' of dogs, and a 'clowder' of cats - a perfect world.

Q. What's the idea behind the Shop?

A. We believe in good nutrition, good design, functionality and value for money.

Q. Are you a Boutique?

A. Noooo! We wanted a shop for all budgets. You can pick up anything from good food and treats, a cat litter scoop, the weekly food shop, or a beautiful hand made dog bed from one of the small East London designers we work with.

Q. What kind of welcome do customers get?

A. That all depends on Barclay - our grumpy 11 yr old rescue dog. Head of Security, Product Testing, and Meet-and-Greet. He makes his opinion heard....


Pack and Clowder

0203 3027170

18, Chatsworth Road London United Kingdom E50LP